CellJetics Cellvida a liquid Nutraceutical Supplement
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Cellvida a liquid Nutraceutical Supplement

celljectics cellvida superfruits

celljectics cellvida

Cellvida is a liquid nutraceutical supplement that provides superior absorption over hard to swallow pills. It contains no artificial flavors or colors. It's all natural berry taste is derived from 9,000 mg of whole fruits and berry extracts.

Drinking just 1 oz. daily provides you with essential vitamins, minerals,
trace minerals and antioxidants to support cellular health and energy.*

"It is of Spanish origin and the meaning of Vida is Life."


Superfruit Plus

It all starts with our philosophy of combining the highest quality ingredients to create multiple complexes for a single product. This powerful immune support complex provides you with over 9,000 mg of Superfruit Antioxidants. It includes Elderberry, Mauqui Berry, Goji, Aronia and several other berries and extracts to provide you with a broad spectrum of antioxidants designed to help protect against free radical damage throughout the body.*

celljectics cellvida superfruits
celljectics cellvida beets plus Vitality Plus

We started this complex out by adding betaine anhydrous from sugar beets, which is a natural nutrient that promotes hydration and performance, especially related to physical activity.

We also included kelp, maca root, wheat grass, whole grape, fenugreek and spirulina to help support overall vitality along with green papaya to provide beneficial digestive enzymes.*

Fulvic Trace Minerals

Cellvida liquid trace minerals are derived from mineral-rich seaweed. Over time, the seaweed absorbs minerals and nutrients from the sea water, which creates this unique marine mineral multicomplex that includes calcium, magnesium and a full spectrum of trace minerals in their natural form.

To enhance absorption and provide even greater nutritional benefits, we combined our trace minerals with fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is not only rich in nutrients and extremely tiny, it binds to vitamins, minerals and trace elements and transports them through the body and into the cells.*

celljectics cellvida trace minerals

No artificial flavors | No artificial colors
celljectics cellvida gluten free
"Drink one ounce daily for superior absorption of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and antioxidants."
celljectics cellvida nutritional facts

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