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Visceral+celljectics tm  is a dietary supplement to be taken in conjunction with eating a healthy diet to help support appetite control and reduce abdominal fat accumulation.*

This weight wellness formula includes special plant-based ingredients: White Kidney Bean, African Mango, Berberine, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cinnamon Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Root Powder, along with Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Chromium, and BioPerinecelljectics registered to help with absorption.

The Difference in Fat

Fat in the body is used to store energy, but not all fats are equal.

Visceral fat is a type of body fat that's stored within the abdominal cavity packed between vital organs (stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, etc.).

It can also build up in the arteries and is sometimes referred to as "active fat" because it can actively increase the risk of serious health problems.

If you have some belly fat, that’s not necessarily visceral fat. Belly fat can also be subcutaneous fat, stored just under the skin. Fat in the lower body, as in thighs and buttocks, is subcutaneous.

"Why is visceral fat worse than subcutaneous fat?"
April 25, 2016 University of Illinois at Chicago.

The findings from the above, are published in the journal Nature Communications, stating all body fat is not created equal in terms of associated health risks. Visceral fat is strongly linked to metabolic disease and insulin resistance, and an increased risk of death, even for people who have a normal body mass index. Subcutaneous fat doesn't carry the same risks - some subcutaneous fat may even be protective.

Visceral Ingredients

Results in 10 days:
Angela lost 10 lbs., 2.5" of belly fat and 2" off her hips and I dropped 9 lbs. and 2" of belly fat. The products kept us feeling full and satisfied.

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