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Action Whey™ Experiences

"Hi, This is Eric from NY. I took 1-2 servings per day and I've lost over 35 lbs and I feel great!  
My body and my whole outlook on life has changed. It's delicious, it's wonderful, and I can't wait to tell everyone about it."  Eric

"As a type II diabetic, I am always looking for low-carb, low-fat ways to get protein. 
I also try to avoid artificial sweeteners. I was thrilled when I found out about your protein shakes. 
Since I have been replacing my morning snack with it, I have felt better and much more energetic.  
I cannot believe the difference. Even my doctor was very happy! I am very grateful. 
I feel that my overall well being will be much better because of it."  Elise

"I started using whey protein about 4 months ago to become healthier and for weight management reasons. 
Then something else wonderful happened. After I'd shower I'd always see a lot of hair in the shower drain. 
I contributed this to getting older since I'm now 47. Lately I noticed that when I'd wash my hair only a few strands come out. What a huge difference! And my hair is even much thicker than it used to be. 
This product is a must have!
   Sue A.

"I've been into fitness and nutrition all my life, but must admit that I've been an on-and-off breakfast skipper for many years. Since taking Action Whey every morning, I've not only cut back on my coffee intake; I'm giving my body the vital nutrients it needs to get a jump start with this most important "meal" of the day. I also bought a blender bottle and can now enjoy it anytime. I feel more "vitalized" to both work a full day, and get more out of my work-outs.  
Thanks Emerald for bringing this incredible product to us all." VH

"I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful and safe source of nourishment for my children.  
My daughter Sarah Beth loves to mix peanut butter with the chocolate Action Whey, and my son Spencer loves the vanilla or chocolate mixed with fresh fruit, banana, or just plain. He asks for it almost every day. 
It's so hard to make sure they eat well, so Action Whey has been a true blessing for me. 
Thank You! Elizabeth G

"As a "40-something" newer mom, I was having trouble losing my "baby weight" (and the 'baby' was already 3). 
Whey was my answer for losing 25 pounds. I feel healthier and full of energy and now my 3 1/2 year old daughter and I enjoy our shakes together everyday. I serve hers in a bowl with fruit and we call it her "breakfast ice cream"...a great way to know she's going off to school after a healthy meal"!
Wendy B

"As you know already, I am so in love with the product. Well, I just made a new personal discovery. As you know I have six children and although I keep myself in good shape I didn't come out completely unscathed by the experience so on the inside of my legs I HAD spider veins and on the outside of my right leg I had a vein that was dark green. Well I am happy to announce that the little ones are almost completely gone you have to squint to see them and the big one is fading. 
To God be the Glory, I am so excited and needed to share that!"
Kimberly H

"I am so thankful for the whey canister a friend gave me on my 40th birthday! After 18 years of struggling with my health issues that prevented weight/muscle gain, I was amazed when I gained 7 pounds in just the first month. 
Six months later I have now gained 15 pounds of muscle – a true blessing
. Thank you so much!."
Chris N.

"I am very happy to report that after several months of replacing one soft drink a day with a shake, I have dropped 30 pounds! And that’s with no change in diet and no exercising! Truly awesome! Everyone keeps asking what I did. "
David S.

"After a couple of months I got on my scale and found I had dropped 25 pounds without exercise or dieting!  
After losing the weight, my blood pressure dropped from an average of 135-40/85-90 to 120/70!. 
My cholesterol had dropped and my blood sugar was normal!"
Joyce D

"We started our son on Action Whey®. The difference is amazing! He sleeps through the night, wakes up and asks for 'mo whey mommy' and is thrilled to get a 'chocolate' treat.
(A treat that I feel good about giving him!) 
The nutritional benefits are great for an infant, toddler or teenager. Our daughter (left) loves both chocolate and vanilla. This is something for a child who would never drink milk no matter how I dressed it up! Action Whey® is so superior to any other product we considered and the quality is unmatched by any other product of this type!"  CLH, Florida

"A little over a year ago I had started having the dreaded pre-menopausal night sweats that then became the all day hot flashes. 
I have always been committed to approaching things from a natural and holistic method, but these were about to send me to the pharmaceutical counter. I started Action Whey® hoping mainly for the weight loss benefits and couldn’t believe it when all of a sudden my hot flashes totally disappeared! It was too good to mess with so I stayed faithful until I ran out of whey and missed a few days and the hot flashes started sneaking back in! Needless to say, I don’t skip a day! "  Angela V - Tennessee

"I have recently started drinking Action Whey®, I love it. I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and my doctor strongly advised me to get more calcium and protein to avoid possible osteoporosis. Until recently, I have not been able to tolerate any milk or protein based foods because of the chemotherapy I endured. I was told about Vital Whey® and I have been able to tolerate it. I have a lot more energy and look forward to having stamina to play tennis like I used to do."  Phyllis L., New York
Home Action Whey Testimonies Order Options

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